Policy Issues

APA advances policy priorities aimed at creating stronger, more just communities.

Legislative Priorities

APA adopts a policy agenda each year that advances priorities central to good planning. The 2019 agenda, which was prepared by the member-led Legislative and Policy Committee, focuses on four key issues: housing choice and affordability, inclusive growth and development, infrastructure, and healthy and safe communities.

Policy Guides

Policy Guides are developed with input by chapters, divisions, and members for policymakers under the guidance of APA's Legislative and Policy Committee. The positions taken in policy guides provide the foundation by which APA engages on key legislative issues.

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Policy Principles

APA policy ideas and recommendations on timely legislative issues that affect planning.

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Policy Statements

Official statements by APA Presidents on proposed legislation, regulation, or guidance that impact planners' ability to create stronger, more just communities. Statements reflect policy beliefs articulated in policy guides and principles.

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Policy Letters

APA writes letters and joins national organizations' sign on letters in support of issues that affect planning.

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Results from APA's National Polls

APA's latest national poll surveyed Millennials and Baby Boomers on community preferences and dispels popular assumptions on how to improve local economies and attract new residents.

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